In step one, you are going to load your profile picture. Simply locate your image from your computer and load it directly into this section. Whatever is inside the dotted lines is what we will use. If you have any trouble, just message our team by clicking on this orange icon. 

In the next step, you will load your social media branding image which will be used on all social media images that are being posted via your dashboard. The steps are the same as your profile picture. 

Next, you will integrate your Facebook account. It is very important to give your dashboard all permissions and access to all pages and groups. Don’t worry, we never post anything on your behalf as you will always choose what posts and where it posts. Plus, you will be integrating your personal page which will give access to all pages and groups where YOU are an admin. 

Once Facebook is connected, you will integrate your Twitter account. This is an extremely simple step so simply give your dashboard all permissions and you will be set. If by chance you integrate the wrong Facebook and/or Twitter account, simply open a new tab in the same browser as your dashboard, login to the correct Facebook and/or Twitter Account and then redo the integration. This will swap whatever account you wrongfully integrated with the correct one. 

The final step is to load your email database. If you have more than one list, you can load one now and then load the next once you reach your  Dashboard. Make sure the file is a CSV file and each field is organized in its own column. Then browse your computer, upload the file, and make sure that all of the columns are labeled correctly as you can see here. 

You are DONE! The only step that might cause some challenge is your email list if this is a new process for you. If this is the case, I encourage you to chat with your Customer Happiness team who is eager to lend a hand.

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