We have a whole campaign library for you to use to your advantage, however the sheer number of available campaigns can sometime be overwhelming, or sometimes you need to find a specific campaign. Luckily, we have a search bar where you can type keywords into and a filter option. 


If you're looking for a specific campaign, you can type the key words of the campaign in the search bar. If you see the campaign name in the drop down menu, you can click on it to find that specific campaign. If not, just type in the key word of the campaign and click on the magnifying glass to search for campaigns with that key word. 


Just click on the campaigns tab on your dashboard, then next to the search bar you will see a filter tab, click on it and filter by campaign type or content track you are on. 

There is where you will see all those campaigns.


When you're ready to rock a campaign, you can click on the Let's rock icon on the campaign when you're in the campaign library, or the LETS ROCK button on the preview page of the campaign. 

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