Your dashboard has the ability to allow you to post onto your social media accounts that are not Facebook and Twitter as well. To do so, please follow these simple steps: 

1 - Download (or Upgrade) the  App

2 - Head over to campaigns and hit LET’S ROCK on any campaign that has social media posts (or edit an existing campaign in your MY PLAN tab)

3 - There is a new section in the LET’S ROCK screen which you can see below. Turn it on if you want to start sharing any or all of the social media posts on Instagram, WhatsApp or other social media apps. (please allow up to 10 minutes for posts to begin showing in the app after editing or rocking a campaign)

***NOTE***For Webinar, Facebook Class, and Live Event Campaigns only the PROMOTIONAL POSTS will show up on the app. NOT THE FACILITATION POSTS. Facilitation posts are exclusively meant for FACEBOOK

4- When a post is available for you to share, you will receive a push notification saying so. 

5 - Open the app on your mobile device and tap on the menu icon, then tap on posts. 

6 -Tap on the posts you wish to share and select which platform you'd like to share the post on. 

***NOTE***Posts will only appear if they are scheduled in the past day or in the present. Future posts WILL NOT appear in your app until it is time for them to be sent. You can see when a post is scheduled to be sent by clicking on the plane icon on the campaign in the MY PLAN page


Q: Where do I download the app?
A: On your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) 

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