*** Please note these directions must be

followed on a computer, and not a phone or tablet***


Facebook requires you to add the app to each group that you want to schedule posts to which is an easy process. (The personal Facebook account you have integrated MUST be an admin to this group).

Once in the Facebook group, please select SETTINGS from the menu on the left side.

you may need to scroll down in the menu to find "settings"

Once "settings" is selected, scroll all the way down the page and select the pencil next to "apps" under ADVANCED SETTINGS

select "add apps" in blue at the bottom of the window that pops up

now you can search for the "My Dashboard" app from the "search" field in the menu on the left side of the screen

Select the app and click save.

Once you are all done please be sure to go back into your account (not on Facebook) and go to Settings> Manage Social Media> and select Authorize next to Facebook again.

***NOTE***The visibility of your group page does not matter! this means the group can be public or private. 


If you've followed these instructions and still do not see your group listed in your Facebook Posting Options, we need you to send us two screenshots. One showing that you are the admin of the group and the other showing that the app is added to the group you want to post to.


First, make sure you have your Facebook account integrated into your dashboard. To do that, you can follow this guide:

Firstly, make sure you have your Facebook Settings set correctly.

1.) Locate the App under Business Integrations in your Facebook Settings, and hit Edit (Pencil icon)

2.) Check that your Dashboard is allowed access to the appropriate pages/groups of your Facebook account to post on your behalf.

3.) Hit Save when you are done.

Once your settings are correct, follow the above steps to add the app to your group.

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