These instructions MUST be followed on a desktop.

This can NOT be done on a mobile device. 


Settings > Manage Social Media

Facebook Integration

  • Login to your Facebook account in the same browser as your DASHBOARD.

  • Click AUTHORIZE and follow the Facebook prompts.

NOTE: Authorizing your Facebook account allows your dashboard access to all pages and groups you are an administrator of unless you restrict access to specific groups/pages to the app. You can find how to restrict access to pages/groups below.
If you wish your campaigns to only be sent to a specific group or page, you will be provided the option of choosing which page/group when launching a campaign. 

1.) Continue 

2.) Choose PUBLIC using the drop-down menu provided.

3.) Choose ALLOW for the app to post on your pages. 

4.) And you're done! 

NOTE: The Facebook account name shown on your Manage Social Media page is the currently authorized Facebook account name. This will show as your PERSONAL account name. Your BUSINESS pages will be the only pages that will appear as an option to post to inside of the campaigns.

If the name that appears here is not correct, simply re-authorize the correct Facebook account to your Dashboard. 

Troubleshooting your Facebook Integration

Locate the  App under Business Integrations in your Facebook Settings, and hit Edit (Pencil icon)

Check that your  Dashboard is allowed access to the appropriate pages/groups of your Facebook account to post on your behalf.

Hit Save when you are done.

Changing Facebook Accounts for Integration

1.) Log in to the Facebook account you wish to switch your Dashboard integration to in the same browser as you have your Dashboard open in.

2.) Go to your Dashboard.

3.) Go to Settings --> Manage Social Media.

4.) Hit "Authorize" in the Facebook section again, then follow the steps provided at the top of this page.


Please follow this guide on how to integrate your groups into your dashboard.

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