NOTE: Prior to uploading your email list to your Dashboard, please ensure that your email list has been properly formatted.

The format should look similar to this and saved as a CSV file.

To Import Contacts:

  1. Head over to settings > contacts

  2. Import Contacts

  3. Choose file

  4. Choose the file from your computer

  5. Match the fields

  6. Upload.

    DUPLICATE EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you upload an email list with possible duplicate email addresses included, the system WILL recognize/filter out the duplicate addresses and update their records within your contact list. Duplicate email addresses will NOT receive your emails in duplicate.

    VERY IMPORTANT: If you previously imported an email list ONLY with email addresses and now you want to add phone numbers to the subscriber record, please include EMAIL ADDRESS in the import so that the data is synced up and two subscribers will not be created.

If you have any trouble please use the chat icon to contact your Customer Support Team!

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