NOTE: Prior to uploading your email list to your Dashboard, please ensure that your email list has been properly formatted.

DUPLICATE EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you upload an email list with possible duplicate email addresses included, the system WILL recognize/filter out the duplicate addresses and update their records within your contact list. Duplicate email addresses will NOT receive your emails in duplicate. 

VERY IMPORTANT: If you previously important an email list ONLY with email addresses and now you want to add phone numbers to the subscriber record, please include EMAIL ADDRESS in the import so that the data is synched up and two subscribers will not be created.

1.) Navigate to the “contacts” subtab located under “Settings” in the main menu.
This will show a list of all of the current contacts in your database.

2.) To add a single contact to the list, click “Add New” in the upper right corner. To import a batch of contacts, click “Import contacts.”

3.) On the next page, click on “Browse” to select the list from your computer. NOTE: Only .CSV files are accepted in this window.

4.) Once the “Browse” area is filled in with your chosen folder, select, “UPLOAD” on the right. This will populate this section of the screen with the columns from your uploaded spreadsheet.

5.) Use the drop-down menu descriptions to match-up with the appropriate columns.

NOTE: Any additional columns that you would like to upload can be done by entering the name of the field inside of "Custom Fields" inside of the "Settings" Tab prior to uploading your list.

6.) Check off the tags you would like to add the list of subscribers to using the appropriate checkboxes. You can choose as many or as few as you like.

NOTE: To add the contacts to your TOTAL DATABASE (not just a certain group), do NOT check off any groups.

7.) Click “Save” at the bottom to finish adding these contacts to your database.

NOTE: You will find your newly uploaded contacts listed in the Settings --> Contacts page. If you have just uploaded your email list properly, but do not see the changes reflected in your contacts page, please allow the system some time (5-10 mins.) to process your email list and update on your contacts page.



Be sure that your .csv follows these rules:

1.You will need to make sure that you do not have any special characters in the sheet. For example the first name on your list can not have (Brandon) as the last name - this system will flag this as an error.
2. Any contact that does not have a complete address next to it, you will need to delete the Country out of the contact information.  
3. All of the phone numbers in this sheet will need to be in the same format.   For exampe 555-555-5555 or 5555555555.  If the phone numbers are in different formats this will also throw an error.
4. The same email/phone number cannot appear more than once in your .csv file.
5. This is already shown in the guides sent above regarding formatting your .csv, however we see this countless times where individuals read the guide and still do not have their columns labeled or they simply do not have separate columns for their customers/patients/clients information. 

If you are re-uploading a .csv file that was previously uploaded
it will update existing contacts...however it will not import existing information. For example if you had the following contact in your subscriber list: 

Christopher; Lastname;

and imported a .csv with the information:

Christopher; Lastname;; 555-555-5555

the system will automatically update the information in your list with the missing information. In this case, the information would be the phone number. 

HOWEVER, if you had the following contacts in your list:

Christopher; Lastname;


Christopher; Lastname;; 555-555-5555

the system would give you an error as both pieces of information (in this case email and phone number) already exist in your list. Does this make sense? 

If your .csv follows all of these rules, and you are uploading it according to the directions I sent above, you can feel free to send us the .csv for inspection. 

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact your Customer Happiness Team. 

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