Start by clicking on contacts under settings.

Check the box to the left of the names of the contacts that you want to move.

Once you are ready, go to the section at the top called Bulk Actions and use the drop-down to decide which group you want to add all of the selected contacts to.

If you wanted to remove a number of email addresses from an existing tag, the process is similar to this.

In order to begin, click on the drop-down where you currently see All Tags and select the tag where you wanted to remove people in bulk.

Once you select the tag, click on the names you want to remove (or if you want to remove everyone check off the box on top), and then use the Bulk Action to remove all of these contacts from the tags of your choice.


Adding tags is simple to do. Simply go to SETTINGS> TAGS and type the name of the TAG you would like to add, then click ADD. 

However, if you are creating a group name that you already have, you'll receive an error. The name of your group must be unique and never have been used before.  


Changing the name of your tag is easy to do. Simply go to SETTINGS>TAGS and click on the Edit link next to the tag name you want to change.

Then simply type in the new name of the tag and click UPDATE


To delete tags you would want to go to SETTINGS>TAGS and select the tag(s) you want to remove by clicking the checkboxes next to them. Once you've selected the tags(s) you want to remove, click the delete button at the bottom of the page. 


Q: Can I change the order of the tags as they appear on the list?
A: Not at this point in time no. 

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact your Customer Support Team. 

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