To access all automatically scheduled emails for a campaign, if the campaign is published you can find these in the CALENDAR tab of your account. If the Campaign is still in DRAFT mode you can find these from the Dashboard > Continue draft > Communications tab, from here you can select the individual communication you wish to edit.

NOTE: Communications found in the CALENDAR at the bottom under "view unscheduled" that have a grayed out icon have been disabled from sending to your database but can be re-enabled and further edited by clicking on them.


Here, you’ll see the title of the email (for internal use only), the default template (which is editable) subject (what your recipients see when sent) and message body, options to Post Now (only viewable from the CALENDAR tab), Schedule for later, or completely disable the email as well as fields to select a date and time for delivery and tailor which groups in your database to send to if you are inside of a custom email.


Here you will see two fields, the Title (for internal use only), the Facebook Message (the text that appears along with the image in the Facebook group/page you selected the campaign to post to), and the Twitter message (automatically posts as long as you have your twitter integrated into your dashboard). 


The images associated with social media posts ARE NOT able to be swapped out. If you'd like to create a social media post with your own image you can do so by creating a custom social post

Additionally, you can access and edit all of your outgoing communications by navigating to the “Communications” tab in the main menu for posts or emails that are non-campaign specific.

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