To compose a custom email, navigate to the “Communications” tab in the main menu.
On this page, you will see all scheduled and disabled outgoing communications with your audience.
To create a new email from scratch (that will later get added to this list of all outgoing communications), select “Add New” in the upper right corner and select “Email” from the drop down.

At this point, you will be able to set the title of the email (for internal use only), the subject and message body, select the option to Post Now, Schedule for later, or completely disable the email as well as select a date and time for delivery and tailor which groups in your database should receive the email.

NOTE: If no groups are selected, the email will be delivered to no one on your contact list.


Q: I got a "Communication was unable to schedule error". What do I do now? 

A: The title of the email or post need to be unique. Which means use a title you have never used before. If you use a title you have used before, you will be directed back to the COMMUNICATIONS tab and receive an error saying the email was unable to schedule. 

If you are still on the same screen hit "back" to retrieve your email or post and then make the title unique by adding today's date.

The best way to do this for yourself is to use any title you want and then put the date after the title.

The title is seen only by YOU - no one else.

The subject line is what other people see and this can be anything you want.

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