Creating a custom Social Media post

1.) Navigate to the “Communications” tab in the main menu

2.) Click on "Add New" to access the drop-down menu.

3.) Select "Social Post"

4.) Enter a "Title" for the post.
NOTE: The "Title" is for your eyes only. Enter a "Title" that will allow you to easily remember and recognize this social media post. 

5.) Enter your text content for the social media post.

NOTE: The Facebook (FB) and Twitter text boxes are independent of one another.
(i.e. If you enter text for the FB box but leave the Twitter box empty, only FB will post.
If you enter text for FB and Twitter, both will post.
If you enter text for Twitter but not FB, only Twitter will post. 

6.) OPTIONAL: Upload an image for your social media post. 

  • Hit "Choose File"

  • Select the image file you'd like to upload.

  • Hit "Upload"

7.) Scheduling your post: Choose whether to have this message "Post Now", "Schedule Post" for into the future, or "Do Not Post".

  • Post Now: Your post will be scheduled to send out as soon as possible. Choosing this option will "lock" or "grey-out/dim" the date and time option fields underneath as the post will be sent out as soon as it can. IMPORTANT: If selecting to "Post Now", please allow your Dashboard 5-10 minutes of processing time before it can successfully post to your social media accounts. Go back to the Communications page and locate your social media post to see exactly what time your post will be sent out.

  • Schedule Post: Your post will be scheduled for a date/time in the future of your choosing. Use the now-accessible Date and Time fields to choose when you'd like your post to send out. 

  • Do Not Post: Your post will be suspended and paused. This post will not send out unless you return and choose to either "Post Now" or "Schedule Post". You will find this post grey'd out and listed at the bottom of your Communications page. 

8.) Select your posting options for FaceBook.

9.) Hit "Save" when you are satisfied with your settings.


Q:Is there a way that I can create posts using emojis?

A:Not at this point in time, no. 

Q: I got a "Communication was unable to schedule error". What do I do now? 

A: The title of the email or post need to be unique. Which means use a title you have never used before. If you use a title you have used before, you will be directed back to the COMMUNICATIONS tab and receive an error saying the email was unable to schedule. 

If you are still on the same screen hit "back" to retrieve your email or post and then make the title unique by adding today's date.

The best way to do this for yourself is to use any title you want and then put the date after the title.

The title is seen only by YOU - no one else.

The subject line is what other people see and this can be anything you want.

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