Adding an Image to an Email 

NOTE: Adding an Image to a Social Media post can be found here.

1.) Go to CALENDAR and locate the email you'd like to use.

2.) Hit the arrow key on the right side of email you'd like to use to access the content.

3.) Choose the section in your communication that you'd like to insert an image, then click on the mountains icon (Image)

4.) This will then open a pop-up browser (Image Properties). Click Browse Server to browse through your computer files for the image you'd like to upload. 

5.) A new pop-up window appears (File Browser), click Upload.

6.) This will open a small window where you can click Choose File to open your computer's files and locate your image file.

7.) Locate your image file and open it.

8.) Click Upload

9.) Click Insert File

10.) Click OK and you are done!


Q: My image isn't showing up in my test email! What do I do? 

A: So this happens for specific email service providers...

When you add images to an email it is important that you do NOT have any spaces in the file name.

For example...

Happy Holidays.jpg <<< WRONG
HappyHolidays.jpg <<< GOOD

As always if you need any assistance, please contact your Customer Happiness Team. If you're not sure how to do so, please consult the article below: 

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