You can easily view a full statistical report of your sent email blasts from your Dashboard.

1.) Hover your mouse over Reports.

2.) Click on Communication Reports 

3.) Locate the email of interest.

4.) Click on "View Report". 

This will open up a drop-down view of the full statistics for this particular email. 

The email statistics you will see include:

  • Sent

  • Opened

  • Clicked

  • Undelivered

  • Unsubscribed

  • Abuse

Clicking on any of the highlighted numbers for each statistic will bring you to a list showing the specific contacts who fall within each statistic. 

Email Statistics:

Sent - The email is successfully out of your Dashboard, and trying to reach the recipient address.

Opened - The email was browsed or clicked on by the recipient and probably read. 

Clicked - The recipient has clicked on one or more links within the email. 

Undelivered - The email was unsuccessfully delivered to the email address due to a number of possibilities. 

  • The recipient's email address is invalid/incorrect. (These email addresses will not be contacted again by your future emails)

  • The recipient email address inbox is full. (These email addresses will be attempted again by your future emails)

  • The recipient email address' server has queued up the email in a pending status. (These email addresses will be attempted again by your future emails)

  • Any number of other possible reasons resulting from the recipient's email service provider.

Unsubscribed - The recipient chose to unsubscribe from your email database. You will still find recipients who unsubscribe in your contacts list. 

Abuse - The recipient has reported/marked your email as spam/abuse. This is not to be confused with emails that have been delivered to the spam folder.
Ensure that everyone on your contacts list who is receiving your marketing emails is willing recipients and has explicitly expressed interest in receiving your email content. This is critical in maintaining a good email reputation.

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