Drip Visualization is a powerful tool that allows you to easily manage and handle your Trigger Emails or Educational Email Series.

Drip Campaigns on a person-by-person basis. 

Accessing This Feature

  • To access this feature, ensure that you have launched a Trigger Email or Educational Emal Series Campaign. 

  • Trigger recipients for your Campaign. You can trigger individuals by clicking on the trigger option after the campaign is published or the individuals can opt-in themselves using your opt-in landing page.

To View Your Registrants:

  • Go to the Dashboard tab of your Dashboard

  • Find the appropriate campaign

  • Click on Registrants

  • To the far right-hand side, you will see a hyperlink titled drip.

  • Click on Drip for the contact of interest to view your Drip Visualization.

  • Click on the Campaign title to expand the view and manage all emails within this Campaign. 

Viewing Emails

  • Each email within the Drip Visualization can be viewed in a read-only view from the drip sequence.

  • You can access this by simply clicking on the title of the email you wish to view. 

Send Now

  • Individual emails can be sent manually by selecting the 'Send Now' action. 

NOTE: Emails are scheduled to send approximately 10 minutes after the 'Send Now' action is selected.


  • Emails can be rescheduled using this action. This can also be done on the 'READ-ONLY' view for each email. 

Do Not Send

  • Emails can be un-scheduled from the Drip Campaign if you do not wish to send a particular email. 

Pause Campaign 

  • If a recipient wishes to be temporarily removed from a Drip Campaign for some time, you can pause the entire campaign for this specific recipient by selecting the 'Pause Campaign' action. 

NOTE: No emails will be sent from this Drip Campaign to this specific recipient when the campaign is paused, emails will resume sending ONLY after you have resumed the campaign. 

Resume Campaign 

  • Once your recipient is ready to resume receiving your Drip Campaign emails, you can resume the campaign for this recipient at any email in the sequence on any date of your choosing. 

1.) Select Resume Campaign. 

2.) Select the email from the sequence to resume from.

3.) Select the date and time to resume and select email. 

4.) Hit 'Submit' and you're all set! The email series will resume on the date/time/email selected and automatically re-schedule all the following emails in the sequence accordingly. 

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