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Communication Control Panel
Communication Control Panel

What is the CCP and where to find it.

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In order to see what we refer to as the CCP, you should hover over settings and click on contacts.

Once you arrive at the contact screen, you will see the acronym CCP next to each contact. 

When you click on their CCP, you will see all of the campaigns from the past and future that this contact is part of.

Furthermore, when you click on the campaign name, you will see the status of each communication, whether it has been delivered, opened, and/or clicked. If you wanted to resend or reschedule a specific communication within a campaign for one contact only, you can also achieve this in the same window with the Send Now or Reschedule actions.

If you are hosting a live event, webinar, or Facebook class and someone responds that they are unable to attend via email or text message, you can easily unschedule the remainder of the communications in the campaign and/or deactivate the campaign for this one contact so that they do not feel inundated with irrelevant communications. 

This valuable feature gives you visibility and control on the contact level so that you are able to manage your contacts in an efficiently and effectively.

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