Launch Again is a powerful feature that enables you to “re-use” campaigns that you previously edited without losing your edits.

This feature is available for the following campaign types…

-Live Event
-Facebook Class Promotion
-Facebook Class Facilitation
-Group Email (Newsletter)
-Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)

This feature is not available for the following campaign types…

-Trigger Email
-Opt-In Landing Page

Once you Launch a campaign and complete your edits to the emails, social posts, reminder messages, print resources, landing page, etc. you will have the ability to Publish. Then from the Dashboard, you will be able to see the icon Launch Again and all of your edits will remain in integrity.

Launch Again allows you to make edits to any Live Event, Webinar, Facebook Class Promotion, Facebook Class Facilitation, Group Communication, Promotional, or Social Media campaign and then choose a new audience, date, and time. This means all of your customizations are saved so you can use your version of the campaign again in the future.

In order to use this feature, simply select your campaign like you normally do from the Campaign Library until it shows up in your Dashboard. You can then make any edits to the emails, social posts, landing pages, print resources, etc. and when you want to launch it again, simply hit the Launch Again icon under the original campaign in your Dashboard, and choose a new date and time, where you want Facebook to post to, and the Send To section which is your email groups and then hit Save and Publish at the bottom.

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