To access to assets of any campaign you have launched please go to your Dashboard> select "edit campaign" (or "continue draft" if you are not done editing)> and go to the "design and writing assets" section.

You can also select the "Assets" button from the dashboard if your campaign is published and this will take you directly to them.

From here at the top of the screen, you will see several files that you can click on to view or download under "print and digital", "copy and writing", and "web".

when you select a file if this shows as an image for you, you will need to right-click this to select "save image" to save this to your computer for your use.

When you select a file if this shows a "download button" you will need to select this to save the file to your computer. This will open for you in a separate tab in the same browser after downloading.

You will find the presentations and scripts for powerpoints under the Copy and Writing section.

Simply click on the link to review the presentation and/or script, save them to your computer, prepare for your event or webinar, and you are off to the races! All presentations are backed by research and cited correctly. You will save 40-50 hours with the presentations that we offer.

Please note if you wish to make any changes to any of the files in the assets section of a campaign, you will need to save them to your computer first and open them in an outside editing program such as a PowerPoint program, Canva, etc.

Once you have edited your files if you chose to do so, you will want to simply save these to your computer. Edited files cannot be re-uploaded to the campaign, and you will need to open these from your computer for your use.

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