Launching a Trigger Email Campaign.


2.) Locate the Trigger Email Campaign you'd like to run. (Use the Preview icon to view more details regarding campaign details).

NOTE: Campaign emails can only be viewed AFTER you have launched the campaign. You will have more than enough time to view/edit the content of the emails as well as unschedule/change the dates before they are sent.

3.) When you have selected the campaign you'd like to run, click on the "Let's Rock" icon in the bottom right of the thumbnail to open the campaign creation page.

4.) Fill in any relevant details and hit Save to launch the campaign.

Triggering a Launched Drip Sequence Campaign

1.) Go to MY PLAN

2.) Locate your newly launched Trigger Email Campaign

3.) Click on the Lightning Bolt icon to trigger the sequence.

4.) Enter the basic details (first name and email address) of the recipient you are entering into the sequence.

5.) Click, “Save,” to complete the trigger and get this person started with the Trigger Email Campaign.

Editing or Viewing the Campaign Emails

1.) Go to MY PLAN

2.) Locate your newly launched Drip Sequence Campaign

3.) Click on Communications (Paper airplane icon)

4.) Click on the arrow next to any of the included emails to view and edit the contents of the emails

5.) Hit "Save" when you are satisfied with your changes. 

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