Viewing a campaign before running it is a great idea when there are so many strategies in the Dashboard to choose from.

After filtering through the campaigns in the “Campaigns” tab located in the main navigation menu, select the Information icon (or the “i”) on the campaign’s image thumbnail to load more information about the specific campaign.

The campaign summary, sample desktop and mobile landing page, sample campaign files and user reviews are all found on this page.

NOTE: Previewing emails/social media posts
Campaign emails and social media posts are generated only AFTER you launch the campaign. These cannot be viewed in the campaign preview page.
Rest assured, after your campaign is launched, you will have more than enough time to review and make changes/delete your campaign's emails/social media posts before they are sent. 

From here, the campaign can be launched by clicking, “Let’s Rock” or you can head back to the list of campaigns on the previous page by using the back button on your browser.

In addition, if you want a deeper understanding of the campaign, launch the campaign (click Let's Rock + Save) - click on the communications icon in my plan - this is where you can edit, reschedule, unschedule, or you can always delete the campaign.

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