Viewing a campaign before running it is a great idea when there are so many strategies in the Dashboard to choose from. The Preview of a Campaign lists for you exactly what is included, and not every Campaign is the same.

To Preview a Campaign please head over to the Campaign Library and select the Campaign type of your choosing from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. You can then select the "Preview" button on any campaign you wish to learn more about.

The campaign summary, sample desktop & mobile landing page, sample campaign files are all found on this page.

NOTE: Previewing emails/social media posts
Campaign emails and social media posts are generated only AFTER you launch the campaign. These cannot be viewed on the campaign preview page as a whole, only samples are provided.
Rest assured, after your campaign is launched, you will have more than enough time to review and make changes/delete your campaign's emails/social media posts before they are sent. You are also able to leave the campaign in Draft Mode if you would like to keep this and make your edits later, or simply select your back button to go back to the Campaign Library.

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