The ACTUAL WEBINAR event must be created by you prior to launching this campaign and is independent of your Dashboard. (examples include Zoom, google meets, Facebook live, WebinarJam, etc.)

Please have your created webinar event URL link saved and ready to use when launching your  Webinar campaign. 

Launching your Webinar campaign

1.) Click on CAMPAIGN LIBRARY and search through the webinar section for a campaign that suits your needs. 

NOTE: Click on "Preview" for more information regarding each campaign.

2.) When you have found the campaign you want to run, click "select" to begin the campaign setup.

3.) This will bring you to the campaign's "basic details". Please insert your webinar link here, and select the date and time of the webinar. The start and end date will be the same day.

* to add eCommerce, please see here (link article)

4.) once you are finished in the Basic Details section, please click over to the Posting and Messaging Options section

5.) select your Facebook pages/groups that you wish for the promotional materials to post to.

6.)Please select the social branding you wish to use in this campaign if you have created one other than the default.

7.) please turn on the toggle for posts to be sent to the mobile app. This is only for use of posting to social media outside of Facebook and Twitter.

8.) Please make your selections for contacts you would like the promotional emails and text (if applicable) sent to. If no contacts are selected, these communications will be sent to no one.

after this, you can select "save draft" to go back and work on this later, or "Publish" to make this campaign live!

NOTE: Emails and social media posts will be created and scheduled automatically for you upon launching your campaign.
for how to view/edit the dates/times of these communications please see here.

for how to edit the assets and landing page of your campaign, please see here (link article).

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