This Webinar campaign helps to create and manage all of your MARKETING efforts for your webinar event. 

The ACTUAL WEBINAR event must be created by you prior to launching this campaign and is independent of your Dashboard. (examples include Zoom, google meets, facebook live, WebinarJam, etc.)

Please have your created webinar event URL link saved and ready-to-use when launching your  Webinar campaign. 

Launching your Webinar campaign

1.) Click on CAMPAIGNS and search through the campaign library for a webinar campaign that suits your needs. 

NOTE: Click on Preview (information icon) for more information regarding each campaign.

2.) When you have found the campaign you want to run, click on the “Let’s Rock” icon in the bottom right of the thumbnail to begin your campaign setup.

NOTE: If you are previewing the campaign in full screen, the “Let’s Rock” button is located on the upper right of the page.

3.) Once you click on Let's Rock, click on the Facebook posting options drop-down menu and select the Facebook page you'd like to designate this campaign out to. 

4.) Specify the ACTUAL webinar event date and time. 

NOTE: The campaign start date/time is the actual date/time of the webinar event. (Your Webinar start and end date should be the same date.) Once your campaign has launched, the Dashboard will automatically schedule your email invitations and social media posts according to this date.

5.) Enter the Webinar event URL link you created and copied prior to launching the campaign. If you are confused as to what this is, please refer to the beginning of this tutorial again.

NOTE: There is a 60 character limit for the URL link, if your link exceeds this character limit, you can use a service such as bitly to shorten your link.

6.) You can customize the copy of your materials by clicking on ADVANCED and making any updates you desire.

7.)Design The Perfect Images For Your Campaigns

To swap the landing page images to ones of your own choosing, click on the ADVANCED tab then on the CUSTOM DESIGN tab.

If you'd like to remove the "Register Now" button from your landing page, you can do so by un-checking the "Show Register button on Landing Page." option

8.) Select the desired groups to send the campaign emails out to using the appropriate checkboxes in the "Send to Groups" section.

NOTE: Leaving all groups un-checked will result in your emails having no recipients.

8.) When you are finished, click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

You will be able to view your new campaign under your “My Plan” page.

NOTE: Emails and social media posts will be created and scheduled automatically for you upon launching your campaign.
To view/edit the dates/times and content of these assets, locate your campaign under "My Plan", then select the Communications icon (Paper airplane icon).

Click on the arrow keys for each individual communication to view the content and change the scheduling. 

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