Facebook Classes should take you less than 5 minutes to launch so please try and not to over think this.

A Facebook Class is a very popular technique in the entrepreneurship community. The way it works is that at a specific date and time the content for the class will begin to post in a Facebook Group every three minutes for about sixty to ninety minutes. 

The promotions is the marketing for the class and the facilitation is the actual content for the class that is 100% automated for you.

Okay, now let’s start the launch process.

The first step in this process is to create page or a group on Facebook. Either option is fine, it all comes down to whatever is easiest for you to manage. 

For the sake of this tutorial, we will use a Facebook Group.

Please login to your Facebook account and click on groups on the left side of the screen to create a group. I am going to make this a public group. 

Please make sure that the HOST is your personal profile.

Skip the group image for now, as you can come back to this later on. The Group Title should be the name of the campaign you will be rocking and the date and time should also mimic what you will eventually put inside of your dashboard The description can also be added either now or later, whichever is best for you. Finally click Create Group.

Before you head back to your dashboard, please copy the GROUP URL from Facebook because you will need this.

Now go back to your  dashboard and hover over settings and click on manage social media. The reason I am having you do this is because Facebook is very slow when it comes to pushing out new pages or groups into your dashboard so simply click authorize next to Facebook which will retrieve this new event or group you setup.

Now head over to campaigns find the Facebook Class  you want to rock. As a discipline, click on the preview of the campaign so you can see all of the supporting resources. In the introduction section, you can download a sample of the presentation we include with this campaign. 

Once you are ready, click LET’S ROCK and complete the next screen with all of the relevant information. 

Start by putting in the date and time for your actual Facebook Class. If you want to edit any of the copy on the print resources or the landing page, you can do so in the Advanced section. You will also PASTE your Facebook Group URL to in the field for the URL so that when people register they will get reminder messages with this link. 

Design The Perfect Images For Your Campaigns

To swap the landing page images to ones of your own choosing, click on the ADVANCED tab then on the CUSTOM DESIGN tab.

If you'd like to remove the "Register Now" button from your landing page, you can do so by un-checking the "Show Register button on Landing Page." option

You’ll also need to decide where you want to post on Facebook, and who you want to send emails to and who you want to send text messages to and then hit SAVE. IF you do not want social media, email, or text, simply leave the section blank.

Okay now let’s take a look at see what has been generated for you.

Let’s begin with the landing page which is this icon. You will see the landing page is custom to you and absolutely beautiful. This is where people will register so share this URL far and wide!

The next section will be the communications. You will see a variety of communications. The dark blue are the marketing emails, the light blue are the social media posts. ** NOTE ** There are two different social media posts, the marketing posts and the facilitation post.   The facilitation posts is the actual class content. The yellow and green are the email reminder messages, the marketing texts are orangish, the text reminders are green and red. You can open any of these communications by clicking on the small arrow to make edits, change the scheduled date, or even unschedule.  The Facilitation posts will begin a few days before your scheduled class to build anticipation. There will also be one post a day after the event to express gratitude. (Remember, you can edit or unschedule any of these posts as you please.)

The next section will be the registrants icon which is where you will be able to see who is currently signed up.

The final section are the campaign files which consist of print resources, digital resources, and even written assets.

As you can see, the print resources are already personalized for you!

I recommend downloading one of the digital files and then going back to the event or group on Facebook and adding the image in the cover photo section. I also recommend pulling some copy from the landing page and pasting it into the description section of your page or group as well. 

At the time of the actual Facebook Class you should simply be present. We always tell members of our tribe to BE AN ATTENDEE in your own class to help create engagement. If someone asks a question in the comments, type a response. If someone likes a post, comment with their name and thank them. Facebook classes are a ton of fun with your dashboard because you can enjoy the experience while focusing on high leverage business producing activities.

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