An Opt-In Landing Page is a Landing Page that includes an Auto-responder only. The Opt-In Landing Page does not send or post anywhere, and no other types of communications are included. It is a resource for you to use on a continuous basis as it does not have a start or end date and can be used for a multitude of purposes.  

The following are just some of the ways in which an Opt-In Landing Page can be utilized:

-copy the Landing Page URL and send this via text message to anyone you think would enjoy it, or simply use it to collect information for your contact list.

-you can use the URL and run Facebook ads to this page to collect leads.

-you can get business cards and add the URL to the card.

-you can create a custom email, custom social media post, or custom text message and add the URL to the body of the communication.

-run any social media campaign and include the URL in the call to action section which will appear in the caption of the social posts.

-simply post the URL directly on Facebook with a short caption.

-use the Landing Page for registration for an external event you are running.

You are able to customize the Landing Page with your own images and text to complete the look that you want. For more information about this please click here:

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