You should begin by visiting the campaigns page of your dashboard and selecting the opt-in landing page of your choice. As a discipline, click on preview to learn more about this campaign and to also see a sample landing page. 

Design The Perfect Images For Your Campaigns

To swap the landing page images to ones of your own choosing, click on the ADVANCED tab then on the CUSTOM DESIGN tab.

If you'd like to remove the "Register Now" button from your landing page, you can do so by un-checking the "Show Register button on Landing Page." option

Landing Page Banner:

When customizing landing page banners we recommend you create two images to optimize the display across both desktop computers and mobile devices. We also recommend both images should contain the title of the campaign and the date/time of the event (if applicable).

Desktop Banner recommended image size:
Width: 1900 pixels
Height: 520 pixels

Please note that there is a registration button which appears in the lower left corner. There are also some additional buttons that appear on the right side. Use the following template to plan your banner so that no important imagery or text gets covered.

Mobile Banner recommended image size:
Width: 800 pixels
Height: 450 pixels

Please note that there is a registration button which appears on the bottom of the image. Use the following template to plan your banner so that no important imagery or text gets covered.

In-app Image:

This In-app image is visible only to you inside your dashboard. This is the small icon you will see in MY PLAN after the campaign is launched so you can distinguish this campaign from the others. We recommend a simple image with the TITLE of the campaign designed onto it.

Recommended size: 600px (width) by 220px (height)

Preview Image:

This is the preview image that will appear when you post the landing page URL to Facebook and Twitter. We recommend the date/time and any location information be included in the image. Facebook may take a little time to update your preview image.

Recommended size: 1200px (width) by 628px (height)

From here, click LET’S ROCK and then hit SAVE. 

Easy, peasy!

Now I want to make sure you understand something…

The opt-in landing page does not send or post anywhere. It is a resource for you to use on a continuous basis as it will always remain in the most current month in my plan. 

In order to see the opt-in landing page, please click on the landing page icon. This is the page you will share in a variety of ways which I will address shortly. When people opt-in with this page, they will begin to receive any communications that are part of this campaign.

Let’s go back to my plan for a moment.

You will see the communication icon. When you click on this icon, you will see all of the communications that will send to anyone who opts-in. The IA is the instant email autoresponder, the TI is the instant text autoresponder and these will send immediately. The DS is the drip emails an the TD is the drip text that will send in the increments outlined here. You can also read and/or edit the emails and/or texts by clicking on the little arrow here.

Once someone opt’s in, they will appear in this icon which is for registrants. The lighting bolt is a way you can very easily add people manually to this campaign.

Okay, now let’s talk some strategy.

Don’t worry, I consulted with Kenneth, your marketing strategist, to ensure that everything I am about to tell you is accurate. 

So there are at least six ways you can use an opt-in landing page.

First, you can copy the URL right here and send this via text message to anyone you think would enjoy.

Second, you can use the URL and run Facebook ads to this page to collect leads.

Third, you can get business cards and add the URL to the card.

Fourth, you can create a custom email or custom social media post or custom text by clicking on communication and then add new. Let me show you the email first. Complete all necessary fields, add some copy to the body, and then add the URL and schedule the email. For the social post, you should include some copy in the caption and make sure to also paste the URL. For the text you would paste the URL with some short text as well.

Fifth, run any social media campaign and include the URL in the call to action section which will appear in the caption of the social post.

Sixth, simply post the URL directly on Facebook with a short caption.

I am sure there are other ways to use Opt-In landing pages but these six are the most popular.

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