***NOTE*** Branding is only included on the social posts that your dashboard generates for you, not on your Custom social posts.

1 - Click on Manage Social Branding under Settings.

2 - Hit ADD NEW if you want to add a NEW branding option or EDIT if you plan on making changes to an existing

3 - If you hit ADD NEW, you can choose from one of our many patterns (aka Customize social branding) OR you can upload your own jpg image (Recommended image size 1850 x 188)

4 - If you choose one of our patterns (aka Customize social branding), please complete the following:

  • Choose the pattern or a solid color

  • Complete Social Media Branding Name (ie. This can be your personal name, business name, team name, etc.) and Tagline (ie Together We Achieve More)

  • Select your background color and font color as well

  • Finally, load an image that will appear on the right side of the image.

5 - Make sure to use our preview screen to ensure that you like the new branding template you created.

6 - In the edit screen, you will be able to choose which Branding Template you would like on a campaign-by-campaign basis.


Facebook gives you points when your images are unique - this is a way to automate unique posts.

But you can swap this out prior to any campaign.

So if you are running a campaign for your team - maybe you want to add a logo for your team or an image of your products  - save it - and then launch the campaign.

If you are manually posting on your personal timeline - add your picture or logo and then save it and run the campaign.


If you update your branding AFTER you launch any campaign with social media posts, you need to do the following to update that campaign with your new branding.

You would need to either delete the campaigns that were set up prior to branding and launch them again OR you can hit EDIT in my plan and then save on each campaign so that your brand will be incorporated.

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