Let’s start by looking at a campaign that is not displaying the way you desire. We will click on the campaign files icon in my plan and then you will see in the files that your profile picture is NOT perfect.

Now, let’s look at the social media images in the communications section of this campaign and once again, the branding is not ideal.

The root of this problem is that any campaign inside of your dashboard will pull your profile picture and branding image that is present at the time you hit LET’S ROCK and SAVE.

You can see this by hovering over My Account and then clicking on Update Profile. In this window, please scroll down so that you can see your profile picture and branding image.

Let’s replace these images or simply reformat them slightly so that they appear better. You can remove the image by clicking remove and then browsing your computer for a better image or you can just move the dotted box around on the image so that the correct section will appear.

Then scroll down to the SAVE button on the bottom of your profile and hit Back To Dashboard.

The final step is to go to My Plan and hit the EDIT icon on any campaign you want to update the profile picture and/or branding image and then hit SAVE.

This will regenerate all of the files and social media images with the new profile picture or branding image. And posts that already went on Facebook will NOT be updated. 

You can see the updates by clicking on the paperclip icon in my plan for the campaign and opening the file and/or clicking on the communications icon in my plan and opening the social media post. 

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