Kenneth here, your marketing strategist who is driven to make you think like a marketer.

In this strategy session, I am going to introduce the importance of collecting mobile numbers once you activate your integrated text message marketing system which is built directly inside of your dashboard.

I always tell people that having a friend on Facebook is nice, getting their email address is awesome, and earning their trust to get their phone number is EPIC! So your goal should be to go through this process with everyone in your network.

We are focused on making everything about marketing easier for you which is why we have made gathering mobile numbers something that ANYONE can do with our prebuilt campaigns.

The first step is to activate text messaging if you have not done so already by clicking on My Account and then Clicking Change Plan.

Now, let’s go back to your dashboard and visit the campaign library.

There are two campaigns you are going to launch to start this process and then I will explain some out of the box ideas that will help accelerate your ability to gather more mobile numbers…

The first campaign is the opt-in landing page called Sign Up For Text Updates. Please choose the design you like best.

Then, click LET’S ROCK, and only click on advanced if you want to review the landing page copy before you hit SAVE.

You now have a landing page where people can go to opt-in to get text message updates from you.

This landing page is extremely beneficial for taking people from Facebook (or even in real life) all the way to your email and mobile list as well.

Click on the landing page icon here so that you can review the page and then COPY the URL from the navigation bar of your browser. You should also click on the communication icon right here in my plan to see the one text message that will be sent from you to anyone who opts-in, the registrant icon will show you who opts-in once you start sharing this resource, and the trigger icon is a way for you to automatically add someone who has expressed interest in getting text updates.

The next step is to go back to CAMPAIGNS and then rock the matching PROMOTIONAL campaign which has a similar thumbnail. This campaign comes packed with one email and one social post that is focused 100% on getting your existing database and network to give you their phone number.

Click on Let’s Rock, put in the date and time you want the communication to send, paste the URL from the landing page here, and then select where you want to post on Facebook and who you want to send the email to and then hit SAVE.

You can now click on the communication icon to review the email and social post and make any edits.

Both the email and social post is going to drive people to the opt-in landing page where they will sign up to get text updates.

As you can see, we make collecting mobile numbers extremely easy for your business, but there are a multitude of additional ways to leverage this powerful campaign set.

Here are the first six ideas that come to mind…

First, keep text message updates front and center in your mind. Have conversations with people in REAL LIFE and ask them if they want text invitations for events, inspiration, and additional resources that you share. Once they say yes, use the lightning icon in my plan and trigger texts for them.

Second, you can use the opt-in landing page URL and run Facebook ads to this page to collect leads.

Third, you can get business cards and add the URL to the card.

Fourth, you can create a custom email or custom social media post or custom text by clicking on communication and then add new. Let me show you the email first. Complete all necessary fields, add some copy to the body, and then add the URL and schedule the email. For the social post, you should include some copy in the caption and make sure to also paste the URL. For the text you would paste the URL with some short text as well.

Fifth, run any social media campaign and include the URL in the call to action section which will appear in the caption of the social post.

Sixth, simply post the URL directly on Facebook with a short caption.

These are six ways and as I think of others, I will make sure to reach out.

Now that you have completed this strategy session with me, I want to leave you with a challenge for the day…

Visit ONE local business you have never gone to, introduce yourself to the owner with a firm shake of the hand, and then share WHY do you do, what you!

Ready - Set - Go!

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