Your app can be used on any mobile device or even on your computer by clicking on INBOX which is where you will find all of the responses to your texts and conversations.

Next let’s head over to campaigns and look at all of the campaign types.

The live events, webinars, Facebook Class promotions, Referral Challenges, and Appreciation experiences all have text messaging integrated if you choose to use it. We have at least one marketing text which will be used to invite people to register and two reminder texts with the details.

Most opt-in landing pages, group emails, trigger emails, and promotional campaigns also include text messaging.

You will see in the filter section that we have campaign types that specify whether text is included. You can also click on the preview of any campaign to see if texting has been added on your behalf.  

Please do not be overwhelmed by any of these tutorials as you can revisit them as often as you want by clicking on support in your dashboard.

Congratulations once again on activating text messaging and I cannot wait to support you with this very powerful feature.

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