Live Event
This is an event campaign held in person at a live location. These campaign types typically include a wide array of assets ranging from sign-up landing pages, email invitations, autoresponder (confirmation/reminder) emails, social media invitations, and print assets made readily available for you to print and distribute.
This is an online event campaign held using the webinar provider service of your choice. While this campaign encompasses all of the marketing/promotional aspects of your webinar event, it is your responsibility to set up the ACTUAL webinar event using the service of your choice (i.e. Zoom or Google Hangouts).

Educational Email Series:
This campaign type includes emails, social media posts, and a landing page. An individual MUST sign up or be entered by you in order to start receiving the educational emails in the series. This type of campaign is ongoing.

Social Media Blitz
This is a social media ONLY campaign.

This campaign type encourages clients/customers to consider referring their friends, families, and colleagues to the product or service offered by the end-user. Referrals are used as a list-building strategy for the user to leverage their existing community to reach more clients/customers.

This campaign is used to promote a specific event or product defined by the client.

Online Challenges
These campaigns promote a virtual-guided discussion on a given topic within a private Facebook group. Attendees opt-in, receive access to the private Facebook group and are able to see and interact with posts that are pre-scheduled over a specified time period. Challenges are used to provide accountability, actionable advice, and connections amongst all participants.

Appreciation Experiences
This campaign type promotes a community-driven experience to express gratitude for one's customers/clients. These rely on the business to host or administer the event itself but all marketing materials are provided.

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