To start please create an account with Zapier. Once created and signed in:
1. On the left hand menu in the zapier dashboard please select "Apps"
2. search "synduit" in the search bar at the top of the screen
3. select "connect" under "add new connection"

Once our app is selected in Zapier you will need to follow these steps:

Authenticate with our dashboard with below credentials
1. Username - The username/email of your account.
2. Zapier Code - The code which can be found in the dashboard > top right corner select your initials > Settings > Integrations page.

Once authorized successfully, you can use our app as a trigger or an action.

For trigger you can sync data of contacts from our platform to any other selected Zapier integration.

In trigger, the following fields which are exposed only for adding and deleting contacts:
1. Tags (separate multiple tags by comma)
2. Email
3. First Name
4. Full Name
5. Last Name
6. Phone Number
7. International Mobile
8. Status
9. Grade
10. Mobile
11. Unread
12. Inbox
You can use above fields to map the Zapier action.

For using our app as a action we support:
1. Adding a new contact with tag (if tag doesn't exist it will be created, tag will be required field)
2. Deleting a contact
3. Re-subscribing contact
4. Unsubscribing contact

For creating contacts we have below restrictions:
1. Tag name is required for creating/updating contact
2. We cannot switch tag for contacts
3. We cannot delete or modify tag
4. It's not possible to add duplicate contacts
5. Cannot re-add same contacts after deleting them

In action we have the field named 'type' which is used for different operations:
1. subscribe - for subscribing a contact
2. unsubscribe - for unsubscribing a contact
3. delete - for deleting a contac
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