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How to Use Your URL/ Event Page
How to Use Your URL/ Event Page

utilizing your url and event page

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You will consider using your URL if you are running many campaigns in one month and you do not want to send out too many emails...

Your URL is also known as your event page as it is one page where all Live Events, Webinars, and Facebook Class Promotions will be listed.

If you are an active marketer and launch many campaigns each month that fall into the three categories I just shared, then it would be a good idea to share your URL so that people are aware of everything you are offering.

Your URL can be found on your profile page inside your Dashboard.

If YOU are trying to see what your audience will see, it is important to log out of your Dashboard otherwise your URL will lead you to your dashboard. (If you don’t want to log out, you can open a new Incognito window or open your URL using a completely different browser.)

There are a few ways to leverage your URL…

1-Send out a custom email each month and link to the URL.

2-Schedule a custom social media post and link to the URL.

3-Schedule a custom text message post and link to the URL

4-Do a Facebook Live and post the URL in the caption or comments.

5- Print Your URL on your business card.

6-Send a text with your URL to anyone that will benefit from seeing your event page.

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