The way texting works is the following:

Texting is included in your membership which gives you a business phone number.

This is a real phone number and if someone calls it will send you a text message. You will need to purchase credits to send texts.

The way credits work is let's pretend that you send one text to 100 people that will use 100 credits. 160 characters = 1 credit.

You can also purchase credits in the following increments...

Credits NEVER expire so you will use them all up and then you can purchase more at anytime.

What are text segments?

Texts have a maximum character limit of 160 characters per 1 texting credit. If a text is longer than 160 characters, it is split into text segments. Each text segment sent uses 1 texting credit. Each text segment also counts against the 2900 maximum text segments allowed to be sent per day. Please be mindful of character length when sending texts.

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